NCAR Graphics hypertext documentation

Welcome to the NCAR Graphics hypertext user documentation.

To view the documentation for the NCAR Graphics software, you can point your browser at the NCAR server, at one of the mirror sites, or at the local ART Lab server.

ART Lab server

The ART Lab server contains documentation as provided with the 4.0.1 distribution, and may not be as up to date as the NCAR server; however, response time should be much faster.

NCAR server

The NCAR server has the most up-to-date information. The documentation on this server is being continually updated as the NCAR Graphics Group enhances, refines, and develops new functionality for the NCAR Graphics software.

Another feature of the NCAR server is that documentation for multiple software versions can be accessed after new releases.

Mirror servers

The mirror sites contain current copies of the NCAR Graphics documentation and provide backup if another site is down. The mirror sites are distributed around the globe and offer more efficient access to remote users.

NCAR Graphics general information

For general information about NCAR Graphics software, e-mail groups, conferences, and future directions, see the NCAR Graphics home page on NCAR's server.