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GIS and Remote Sensing Courses at The University of Arizona

This is a current list of the available Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing courses. The University of Arizona has the most comprehensive listing of GIS and remote sensing classes in the state of Arizona.

Departments such as Optical Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering offer courses that focus on the technical specifications for constructing satellite sensors and cameras. The courses listed below only cover materials about the analysis of the imagery captured by the satellites or cameras.

The Management Information Systems department offers many classes about data structure and relational database management that complement the courses on GIS.

Graduate and Undergraduate Courses in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis:
Home Department Course Number Title Units Instructor(s) Possible Enrollment
ATMO 656A/B Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing 3 B.M. Herman 24
ECE 531 Image Processing Laboratory for Remote Sensing 3 R.A. Schowengerdt 20
ECE 532 Digital Image Analysis 3 J.J. Rodriguez
R.N. Strickland
R.A. Schowengerdt
ECE 583 Remote Sensing Instrumentation and Techniques 3 J.A. Reagan 15
G EN 405/505 Applied Multispectral Imagery 3 Undecided 15
G EN 407/507 Photogeology 3 B. Casavant 15
GEOG 330 Introduction to Remote Sensing 3 S.E. Marsh 22
GEOG 416A/516A Computer Cartography 3 S.R. Yool 30
GEOG 416B/516B Geographic Information Systems for Geography and Regional Development 3 S.R. Yool 30
GEOG 483/583 Geographic Applications of Remote Sensing 3 S.E. Marsh 20
GEOG 521 Integrated Geographic Information Systems 3 S.R. Yool 20
LAR 631 Computer Applications in Planning 3 M. Kim 15
PTYS 449/549 Image Processing for Scientific Discovery 3 R.J. Greenberg 10
PTYS 455/555 Remote Sensing of Planetary Surfaces 3 A. McEwen 15
REM 490/590 Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth 3 S.E. Marsh K.J. Thome 30
RNR 271 Natural Resources Computer Applications 3 R. MacArthur 25
RNR 403/503 Applications of Geographic Information Systems 3 P. Guertin 30
RNR 417/517 Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resources 3 C. Wissler 90
RNR 419/519 Cartographic Modeling for Natural Resources 3 P. Guertin 30
RNR 420/520 Advanced Geographic Information Systems 3 C. Wissler
G. Christopherson
P. Guertin
B. Ball
RNR 422/522 Resource Mapping 3 P. Guertin 20
SWES 453/553 Remote Sensing of the Environment 3 A. Huete 20
WS M 569 Spatial Analysis of Hydrology and Watershed Management 3 P. Guertin 10

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